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Caring community in Coalville

Planning approval has been obtained for a mixed use development in Coalville for Leicestershire County Council. The scheme provides an up to date replacement for existing Respite Care facilities on the site, together with Day Care for working age adults and 15 residential units, some of which will be allocated as independent homes for adults with learning disabilities.

It is hoped the combination of facilities on the site will provide high quality facilities within a caring environment and enable service users to see a progression to independent living which may inspire them towards increased independence for themselves.

The site sits in the Greenhill area of Coalville and the scheme looks to provide a sympathetic yet contemporary addition to the existing street. The residential properties sit along the front of the site and as many of possible have their own front door, so that residents can identify with their own place and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Tucked behind the housing are the Respite Care building and the Day Care facilities. Accessed from the central parking area, these two blocks are linked by a glazed block which provides a main entrance to both, a sheltered place to wait for a lift home and a link through to the private garden area beyond.

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