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How we work

Communication - A+G architects are open and approachable


We understand the importance of effective communication: listening to our clients; proactively challenging the brief; preparing clear and legible presentations and responding accordingly.  Recognising that not everyone can understand drawings, we utilise 3D computer images and models to help communicate our designs.

A+G prepare legible and concise tender information, responding rapidly when queries are raised.


Collaboration - Customer focused, design driven


A+G architects work collaboratively with a wide range of other disciplines to deliver successful projects. Timely coordination of the design process is key and A+G will proactively manage that process as lead designer, whether the project is traditionally tendered or a design and build.

We will work with the team provided by the client or bring a team together under a single appointment.

Commitment - Delivering great design is hard work and challenging, delivering poor design is easy


A+G architects are committed to producing great buildings and providing a quality service throughout the design and construction process. Our commitment is to always strive for the best outcome for any given situation through hard work and high standards.

Driven by a customer focused approach to all that we do, we will deliver the best that can be achieved within the projects constraints.

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