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Educating the Architects of the Future

As part of A+G Architects various talks, Andy Hardy, Managing Director and Vytas Zalys, Architectural Assistant visited some home schooled children to give them a taste of the exciting and rewarding profession of architecture. Drawing on the endless design possibilities and showcasing some of the best architectural buildings over the last 100 years through a presentation, the children also got the opportunity to create different styled bridges using blocks of wood, paper and paper straws.

Mike Shaw, a professional sculpture and father of the home schooled children emailed to say, 'Thanks again for coming to share your experiences and knowledge with the group. I think we were all very lucky to share in that. I think we will certainly repeat some of the building exercises with the blocks. I like the ‘proof’ and ‘truth’ of the weights...'

This was an enjoyable, valuable experience for A+G Architects and we look forward to the next one.

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