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Allcock and Grieves iconic chair given a new lease of life

A chair that was purchased back in the 1930s by founding architect Edward T Allcock has found a new family home with the present owner Andrew Hardy.

After having a very interesting life in the offices of Allcock and Grieves, the chair was taken home by the successor of the business, Roy Hardy (Andrew Hardy's late father). The story goes that whilst Roy was at the beginning of his career with the practice as a Junior Architect in the 1950s, his boss, Malcolm Grieves caught him asleep in the chair and as you can imagine was distinctly not amused!

Andrew Hardy recently inherited the chair from his late mother and with the help of LCT Upholsters in Loughborough, has given this iconic piece of furniture a much needed makeover.

Andrew says, 'It's not only a good looking classic object but it's also, importantly, very comfortable. Good form and good function.'

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