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How can we make our town better with a share of £25m?

As A+G Architects has been based in Loughborough since 1934, we thought we were well place to join in the debate: ‘How can we make our town better’, as part of the Loughborough’s bid for a share of the ‘£25 million Town Deal’ – a government initiative.

Our practice consists of employees who both live in or commute to Loughborough and we had some interesting conversations about how the town could be improved and where we believe the priorities for improvement lie.

We concluded that the biggest value for Loughborough could be gained by improving Nottingham Road, to transform it into a more attractive and pleasant gateway to the town from the station. As well as enhancing the appearance of the road, we would aim to make the road safer for users, especially cyclists and pedestrians. This would also have the benefit of encouraging sustainable methods of transport.

This safer and improved route from the station would ideally be extended in time to the University, via the College, thus recognising the important contribution of the university to Loughborough and improving its connection to the town, both physically and economically.

To further enhance the visitor’s or resident’s experience of Loughborough, we also thought that the provision of a ‘Love Loughborough’ app could highlight key features of the town and encourage people to seek out cultural and historical landmarks that they might not realise are just round the corner.

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